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TEOH BENG HOCK’S DEMISE: Peace be upon him

It has been a year since Teoh Beng Hock, a political aide to a Selangor Executive Councillor was found dead at the Plaza Massalam, Shah Alam. Prior to his death, he was brought in to the MACC Selangor headquarters at the same building to assist in an investigation pertaining to allegations of corruption. Well, no one apart from the God, the soul of Late Teoh Beng Hock and the ‘individual’ involved in his sudden demise knows the cause of his death. However, an inquest is on-going which on completion will enlighten his family, friends and the public at large, the cause of his death and if there is someone to be hold accountable. Meanwhile speculations will not do any good.

Surely everyone not withstanding religious believes, race and political inclination were empathy and sympathetic to the late Teoh Beng Hock’s family especially to his fiancée, who was at the time pregnant to his child. No one can cheat death but the incident leading to a death holds an impact to lives of the living family members. Whatever is the cause of his death let his soul rest in peace.

This tragedy has been capitalized by some quarters for their political advances especially in the state of Selangor. This issue of his death has been kept publicized from time to time especially in a number of media portals and bloggs. In fact, recently the DAP has called the public in large numbers to appear for a prayer at the Massalam Building and subsequently to a seminar on the same matter. The DAP is trying to take full advantage of Teoh Beng Hock’s death anniversary to gain sympathetic support by organizing the seminar. I personally think that family and friends should be allowed to say their prayers at the Massalam Building in remembrance to his death. However, the intended seminar is something everyone should avoid. It will extend the hatred feeling and trust among the citizens. It will not bring any good to us if we see each other in distrust or worst still in hatred.

This whole episode should be resolved soonest possible. The inquest must be concluded without any further delay. The culprit, if any in the cause of his death shall be punished. Then after, everyone should accept the incident as destined by the almighty. I do understand is easier being said than being done. Whatever it is, Teoh Beng Hock’s soul must be allowed to rest in peace. By discussing the matter without any end to it will surely not do any good to his soul. The groups concerned should avoid any discussion on his death but plan prayers for his soul to rest in peace. It will not only give peace to his soul but also to his family members.

No group or political parties should take advantage on his death for some cheap political mileage in the expense of peace and harmony. Political parties should accept this tragedy as a rare incident. The authorities concerned must learn from this tragic incident and draw up some mechanism to avoid any reoccurrence of such an incident.

We should accept this rare incident occurred not for the wants of any organization or individuals. No one would like to take another’s life for no good recent especially in the case of Teoh Beng Hock, who was only a witness to assist in an investigation of bribery. No one can reverse the destiny if it is destined to happen. We should accept the destiny and make it a lesson for future dealings. I am sure the MACC has given much thought on this incident and drawn up good practices and investigation procedures to ensure no such an incident reoccur within its premises. The incident had not done any good to MACC either. Since the incident took place well a year ago, the MACC seems to suffer much. Public perception on MACC has deteriorated and support has avoided them. In the bad times after this incident, the MACC was trying hard to enhance perception and public support in fighting corruption but seems in vain. Even though the MACC has done many programmes and put in lots of effort to gain public support but public confidence on MACC recently took a dive from 39% to 30%. I am sure, the Teoh Beng Hock incident and the prolonged discussion on the matter has some significant contribution to the public confidence on MACC.

This has not done any good to the graft fighting entity in the fight against corruption. The entity has spent much of its time in rectifying its image and trying to gain public support rather than focusing fully in fighting corruption. This is not a good sign for the entity and to the country. It will have some implications to the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) which has been deteriorating from year to year. If this goes on, then the nation will suffer and loose some foreign direct investment (FDI) to other developing countries. Hence, we should now onwards get together our efforts to improvise CPI and lure FDI to sustain in this competitive age.

Every individual must practice integrity and avoid any criminal acts including malpractices and drug abuse. Every individual should adhere to all laws and regulations, even while on roads to avoid any accident which may cause death to an innocent person. Each death is a negative contributing factor to the nation’s human capital. Likewise, drug addiction leads to many social problems which do not contribute to the well being of the community, peace and harmony.

All efforts must be focused on return on investment (ROI) not on matters that will have economical and social implications to the nation. Failing to keep peace and harmony no matter how much natural resources or opportunities the country has is not a guaranteed sustainable factor for foreign investment. Everyone must think country first not political segment or individual benefits.

As such, all groups including political parties, non governmental organizations, and individuals should now onwards think of peace and harmony, work together for the betterment of the nations’ citizen and last but not least for the well being of the community. May God bless our nation, Malaysia.


Kuala Lumpur

12 July 2010.

Hock’s soul


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